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Verification of Competency 
Melbourne Onsite Training 

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Melbourne Onsite Training/OGM Training are in partnership with HaloNT

All Onsite Rii training and VOC's are nationally accredited.

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What is a Verification of Competency or VOC?

Verification of Competency (VOC) is an independent assessment conducted by a trainer assessor who holds the licence or compentcy being assessed works under a Registered Training Organization to verify competence and current compliance that assists employers to meet WHS/OHS requirements and ensure staff are still competent to operate equipment or perform a task. It is commonly used in many industries for pre-employment checks, Contractors and  site requirements.

The successful Operator will be issued a Verification of Competence Certificate on the day and a card will be issued and arrive in the mail. A VOC is not a licence to operate a machine and depending upon the project is only deemed valid or current for 2 years.

An operator MUST hold a current High Risk Licence or Plant Ticket to qualify for a Verification of Competency.

Under the legislation in Australia (Harmonization WHS act 2011, and the OHS act 2004) employers must provide knowledge information training and instruction also “suitable and adequate” training to protect persons inside a safe working enviroment.

What will you recieve?

A RTO issued competency card and a Certificate of completion

0412 541 561

(Verfication of Compentency)

Voc's We Offer 

  • Mobile slewing cranes from C2 C6 C1 and open
  • Vehicle Loading Crane CV 10tm+
  • Non slewing Crane CN
  • Tower crane CT
  • Dogman DG
  • Rigger basic RB
  • Rigger intermediate RI
  • Rigger Advanced RA
  • Personnel Hoist (ALIMAK) NP
  • Forklift FL
  • EWP (elevated Work Platform)
  • Bridge and Gantry Crane BG

Earthworks/Civil VOC's and onsite licencing to the current RII

  • Excavator
  • Skid steer
  • Front end loader
  • Roller
  • Working at heights
  • Confined Space
  • Scissor Lift
  • Boom lift
  • Asbestos 

Voc's Verification of Competency 

Licensing and VOC's

Excavator, front end loader, skid steer, roller, backhoe

Refresher Training

Customized training packages for particular brand and models of different plant and machinery 

How is a Verification of compentency conducted?


Perform on the job observation and and knowledge based short answer questionnaire for each staff member who requires verification

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